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We provide Specialist Engineering & IT Consultancy to help
our Customers find Simple Solutions to Complex Problems

Our Services

We offer a range of Consultancy Services to support your business, from Aerospace C4ISR / ISR to Corporate IT Systems we have the expertise to find you an effective Solution.

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C4ISR / ISR Systems Design & Integration Support

We have extensive experience in designing C4ISR & ISR Mission Systems. From fixed wing platforms to helicopters, we have the knowledge to support your mission systems design from component selection to network design and software selection.

With in-house Altium PCB design and Mechanical CAD capabilities we can often solve help with those small but troublesome integration issues when an off the shelf solution is not available, by designing you a bespoke solution. Be it a “small black box” or software package to solve interface or protocol compatibilities, we can help quickly and efficiently.

Cad Workstation
Airbourne Mission Computer Testing

With extensive experience in the Aerospace & Defence C4ISR / ISR sectors, and varying Commercial sectors we can bring that expertise to you project. From concepts at the bid stage to in service support, we can help your team find right solution, select the right components and interconnections.

Our team has worked on a range of projects from small local projects to large scale international C4ISR / ISR integrations. Our typical customers range from small domestic & European ISR integrators through to major international prime contractors.

We have in house Altium PCB design capabilities, Mechanical CAD and both embedded and high-level software development skills for embedded & .Net development. Where we don’t have the in-house specialism, we work with a highly experienced team of trusted third party contractors who can work with us to ensure your Solution is the best possible Solution for you.

Video Downlink

In the world of C4ISR / ISR the lines between Engineering, IT and Networking are blurred. With our multi-discipline knowledge and expertise, we can help design and support your end-to-end ISR solution.

From EO/IR Payloads to Mission Computers, Displays, Video Encoders, Downlinks and Mission Management Software we have the knowledge and experience to help you to maximise your C4ISR / ISR processes to Process, Exploit and Disseminate your data.

We have experience on numerous projects, from simple single operator ISR systems to complex multi operator C4ISR / ISR platforms and can help you to understand and help you avoid common problems in your C4ISR / ISR system, as well as ensure your data and imagery is passed as efficiently as possible from payload to operator and onwards.

Specialist Engineering Services

As well as the C4ISR & ISR arena we have extensive Engineering background and knowledge to help you design components and systems for the most challenging environment.

With extensive experience configuring and deploying numerous Mobile Ad-Hoc (MANET) networks and associated software & metadata, we can help you design the most effective Solution possible whether it is in the C4ISR & ISR arenas or elsewhere.

Altium PCB Design Software

With 15 years’ experience we can support your Engineering projects with specialist PCB Design, with Altium Designer in house and extensive experience in complex, small form factor Electronics we can support you with complex PCB solutions.

As an small, agile team we can often turn around bespoke PCB and Mechanical solutions in a few weeks, reducing your time to market and taking the burden from your in house Engineering team.

As well as domestic standards such as CE Marking, we have extensive experience in designing qualified solutions to various Aerospace and Defence Standards including Def-Stan 59-411, Mil-Std 461 and RTCA DO-160, ensuring your components and designs have the highest chance of succeeding in your application.

Tracking Antenna
MANET Convoy

We have experience in a wide range of MANET (Mobile Ad-hoc Networks), Mesh Networks and similar Layer 2 deployable networks including, but not limited to Persistent Systems Wave Relay® and DTC.

With our experience and skill set we can help design both deliverable MANET networksand system trials. We have conducted numerous network trials ranging from moving vehicle convoys to air to ground long range links using a range of MANET platforms.

We have in-depth knowledge and experience of handling and processing a wide range of Metadata formats such as CoT, KLV, STANAG 4609 & MISB 0601.8 from a wide range of platforms and sources, with onward transmission and visualisation on platforms including Windows and Android.

As well as the data-links themselves we understand the software and transport protocols of the traffic passed over these networks and can help you identify and integrate software solutions for Situational Awareness, Sensor Control, Voice over IP (VoIP) and other mission objectives.

Wi-Fi Diagnostics & Specialist IT Services

Whilst our primary focus is providing bespoke Engineering solutions we have nearly 20 years experience in Corporate IT and & Wi-Fi diagnostics. From networking to CCTV and Security systems we have a vast range of experience to help your business.

To some companies Wi-Fi diagnostics are treated as trial and error, however we have cutting edge equipment such as spectrum analysers, packet sniffers and more to enable use to find the root cause of your issues and allow us to bring our radio network expertise to tame your Wi-Fi network.

Additionally as IET accredited Engineers we offer a full range of professional PAT Testing services using calibrated equipment with full traceability to ensure your business keeps up with the latest regulatory requirements.

WiFi Access Point
Spectrum Analysis

Does your business suffer from slow, unreliable WiFi, with poor reception and dead zones?

We have the WiFi diagnostic tools to help diagnose your problems, from RF spectrum analysis that allows us to find causes of interference and dead zones, to over-the-air advanced packet sniffing and analysis, we can find the real cause of your unreliable WiFi problems.

With our skills and tools, we can rapidly identify if your hardware needs upgrading or if you simply have a misconfigured setting or rogue device causing havoc. Don’t suffer with unreliable Wi-Fi!

Data Centre
CCTV Camera

We over 20 years’ experience in the corporate IT sector we offer a wide range of services, from specialist CCTV and Security systems to Infrastructure, Network Deploymentand PAT Testing we can help streamline your business’s IT systems.

We offer a fast and flexible service including out of hours services covering Hampshire, Berkshire, East Wiltshire and West Surrey. If you’re outside of these locations please contact us, we may still be able to help.